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Cardiac Amyloidosis - VI

Isolated atrial amyloidosis

Isolated atrial amyloid.  Autopsy exam showed slight rigidity of the left atrial wall.   A. The cardiac myocytes show hypertrophy but no distinct eosinophilic infiltrate in the interstitial space. (H&E X 400)  B.  Interstitial (perimysial) fibrous tissue (collagen) is highlighted in yellow and a very faint green discoloration is noted in some the fibrous strands of interstitial fibrous tissue. (Movat stain X 400)  C. Examination of the Thioflavin-S stain under UV light microscopy shows fine strands of amyloid (light blue strands) corresponding to the areas of green discoloration in the Movat stain.  (Thioflavin-S  X400)

The morphologic patterns of amyloid seen in the ventricles in clinically symptomatic patients are intersitial , arteriolar , nodular , venular and can also involve the cardiac adipose tissue.




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